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The Eduhub

In the heart of the exciting ecosystem of Arihant campus, stands The EduHUB. It is a digital place where meeting and learning converge. A comprehensive blended learning platform that integrates conventional classroom learning with technologically-mediated resources to enhance the student learning experience and engagement. These modern classrooms were built to encourage teacher-student discussions and peer-to-peer collaboration, providing a dynamic and interactive learning experience for our students. Blended Learning has become an essential form of curriculum delivery at Arihant for the transfer of knowledge between students and faculty.

The EduHUB is created to be innovative yet practical and fully interactive, providing a visually stimulating and immersive learning environment.

Professional Courses

  • Business Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Event Management
  • Family Business
  • Start-Up & E-Commerce