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Terms & Conditions

Students are required to abide by the following terms and conditions upon admission to the courses offered by Arihant Group of Institutions.

  1. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in the website and it is issued on the express condition that all matters in it are subject to change from time to time without notice. While the Institute will make all reasonable endeavors to deliver the courses of study and other educational services as set out in the website, circumstances may change prompting the Institute to reserve the right to vary the content and delivery of courses and programs; to either discontinue or combine courses and programs or to take any such decision as may be deemed appropriate.
  2. The subject titles, descriptions and contents are subject to change based on the University guidelines.
  3. The fee schedule for the courses offered by the Institute can be downloaded at Fees payable for the courses offered by the Institute are subject to review periodically. Ensuring that fees are paid before the announced due dates is the sole responsibility of the student. Non-payment of the prescribed fees within the due dates will result in the cancellation of the registration to the course or to the subsequent semester/year.
  4. Cost towards travel and accommodation for placements will be to the account of the student. For certain courses, students may incur additional specific charges for such items or activities as sports and games fees, specialized material or field trips. The Institute reserves the right to charge additional fee to students for such activities.
  5. Arihant Group of Institutions may withdraw or amend its offer of admission, or terminate the registration, if it is found that either a false or a misleading statement has been made or that significant information has either been omitted or with held in a candidate’s application form.
  6. Arihant Group of Institutions does not accept responsibility and expressly excludes all liabilities that may result from any loss, damage or injury caused to a student or to the student’s property.
  7. Students enrolled in the courses offered by the University are required to sign an undertaking at the time of the commencement of the academic year consenting to abide by the rules, regulations and the code of conduct of the Institute.
  8. Scholarships are available to support full-time study at the Institute for resident Indian nationals only. Each year the Institute awards several scholarships in the form of fee remission to outstanding candidates. These scholarships of positive inclusive effort vary in value and have different criteria on which they are awarded. For further details, please


Policy regarding withdrawal from the course.

(a) The course fee has two components: Registration Fee and Tuition Fee.

(b) The Register Fees will not be refunded by Arihant Group of Institutions. The primary objective of this stipulation is to discourage frivolous applications.

(c) The refund of tuition Fee paid will be considered subject to the following criteria:

  1. If a candidate withdraws from the course prior to its commencement, 75 percent of the tuition fee will be refunded.
  2. If a candidate withdraws from the course within one week after the commencement of the course, 60 percent of the Tuition fee will be refunded.

iii. If a candidate withdraws from the course any time after one week from the data of commencement of the course, no refund of tuition fee will be made..

Note: The Institute’s policy regarding procedure for refund of fees is enumerated on the website of respective courses. Such a candidate must submit the duly-signed cancellation application form to the Admissions Office before the commencement of the course.

  1. Disputes of any kind are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts in Bengaluru only.